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Bringing together up to date knowledge and innovative products

BBM is the authorized distributor of many global brands, known worldwide for their exceptional quality. The company aims to provide the hospitality professionals with the best of the best. Products from companies such as Unilever Food Solutions and Vismark are distributed by BBM, along with Ireks, Ravifruit, Lamb Weston, TWG and Sosa to name but a few.

By having such a range of partners, BBM prides itself on identifying the gaps in the Maldivian resort supply market. A big part of what we do is pinpointing what the resorts are lacking. Often, it’s a case of providing solutions that resorts didn’t even know were available, and so we constantly make sure that we’re up to date with the latest products and trends from across the world.

One such innovative solution is BBM’s partnership with Sosa, a Spanish company that specializes in developing 100% natural ingredients for use in molecular gastronomy. Through BBM’s exclusive distribution of Sosa products, chefs across the Maldives are able to speed up otherwise lengthy processes by capitalizing on the chemical reactions caused by groundbreaking ingredients in the products.

However, BBM does not simply bring innovative products onto the market without ensuring that chefs fully understand their potential benefits. At BBM we have a real desire to give back to the industry, to help the sector to become world class.

Uncompromised Quality & Service will remain the BBM standard

Bestbuy Maldives Resort Supply Solutions
Delivering Solutions - Bestbuy Maldives