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Food & Beverage

Finest products from all over the world to please your guests' every desire

Food & Beverages

Fine dining with oodles of choice are what guests visiting the luxury resorts of the Maldives expect. Bestbuy Maldives brings well-known brands, famous for their taste and quality from all around the globe to right here in the Maldives. A menu of fish, rice and coconuts is a legend of old and supply problems are long gone – Bestbuy Maldives has delivered the solution, fulfilling the dreams of Executive chefs across the nation.

It’s not only the best ingredients that are sourced, but also the most on trend – we pride ourselves in keeping up to date in this fast moving industry, we stay ahead of the game and deliver solutions before resorts even know the problem existed.

Bestbuy Maldives Resort Supply Solutions


From fruits to seafood, from fries to dim sum, frozen at it’s best.


Coffee and tea, juice and milk, even cocktail ingredients.

Dry Food

Pasta and spices, flour and sauces, soups and jams – and pretty much everything else a recipe demands

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