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It’s not just products we supply here at Bestbuy Maldives – we pride ourselves in keeping up to date with the very latest happenings in the hospitality industry. How does this help resort managers and their teams? As well as searching for and researching the most ‘on trend’ ingredients and products we take this a step or two further by imparting the knowledge gained to our customers. To be able to get the most out of a new product or technique training is required and we bring in experts to run Master Classes and seminars, international chefs are brought in to share their expertise. We even fly chefs from the Maldives overseas to learn more from their counterparts in other parts of the world. It is this imparting of knowledge that sets Bestbuy Maldives apart, we are truly committed to the growth, development and prosperity of the hospitality industry in the Maldives.

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Events held by Bestbuy Maldives, imparting knowledge throughout the Maldives

Masterclass with Chef Geir Skeie

Geir Skeie

Geir Skeie – Winner of Bocuse d’Or 2009

Geir Skeie is a Norwegian chef and restaurateur, winner of the 2008 Bocuse d’Or Europe and the 2009 Bocuse d’Or world final

Skeie runs two restaurants, both called “Brygga, in Sandefjord and Leirvik (close to his home town of Fitjar). He has been chef de cuisine at Mathuset Midtåsen Solvold in Sandefjord, owned by 1997 Bocuse d’Or bronze medalist Odd Ivar Solvold, and has worked at restaurants Le Canard, Solsiden and Palace Grill in Oslo and at Skarsnuten hotel in Hemsedal.

Skeie made the decision to pursue the Bocuse d’Or in 1993 when watching Bent Stiansen appear on the television program of Ingrid Espelid Hovig having become the first Norwegian to win the contest, and subsequently worked towards this goal for fifteen years, spending the last two years perfecting the winning recipe. In contrast to his fellow candidates in the 2009 finals who had lodgings in Lyon for making last preparations, Skeie rented a large semi-trailer truck with an installed training kitchen. He was coached by previous bronze Bocuse d’Or medalist Odd Ivar Solvold and then assisted by commies Adrian Løvold, having used Ørjan Johannessen as commis when he won the 2008 Bocuse d’Or Europe.

After the contest, Skeie stated he was 90% satisfied with his performance. The gold medal was won with a score of 1020 points, a comfortable margin over Swedish silver medalist Jonas Lundgren, who scored 994 points

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Masterclass with Chef Roland Debuyst

Roland Debuyst

Roland Debuyst – Silver Bocuse 1997

Everyone who frequents the Bocuse d’Or knows Roland Debuyst and his wife Ayse for their joyful and tireless commitment alongside Belgian candidates. To meet them in their own country, you have to go to Nossegem, in the suburbs of Brussels, where he works in the kitchen while she greets customers. After training at Ceria and starting his professional life in places like the well-known Radisson SAS Brussels, in 1993 Roland Debuyst opened his own restaurant called the Orangeraie, a fragrance from the south in a place where the atmosphere of Provence pervades in homage to a region he loves dearly. Known for being a tireless worker, he places great value on textures, which he uses to surprise his visitors’ taste buds. He is a keen competitor and winning the first prize in the Prosper Montagné competition (Belgium’s leading chef) marked an initial step towards the Bocuse d’Argent in 1997. May 2005 saw a turning point. Roland decided to close his traditional gastronomic restaurant, brought in an architect to give a complete facelift to the premises, and launched Orange Food Fashion, a trendy establishment in which he serves contemporary cuisine that hasn’t forgotten to taste good. It was an immediate success. He followed this in 2007 by taking over the very beautiful Mariadal brasserie in Zaventem, and in 2011 the prestigious Michelin two-star restaurant, the Bijgaarden, which he turned into a luxury brasserie. In 2009, the Michelin Guide awarded the Mariadal a Bib Gourmand followed in 2011 by Orange in 2013, it was time for a new place with a new concept devoted to meat in the form of a contemporary rotisserie.

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Masterclass with Chef Gert Klotzke

Gert Klötzke

Gert Klötzke – Chairman of Culinary Competition Committee (WACS)

Gert Klötzke, born in 1944, is a Swedish chef and adjunct professor of gastronomy at the Umeå University School of Restaurant and Culinary Arts. In 2014 he was also appointed Honorary Doctor at Umeå University. Klötzke won the individual competition Chef Championship and the title Chef of the Year in 1986. The same year he also won the Year competition Wildlife Chef.

Klötzke was for many years involved as a coach for the Swedish Culinary Team. Under his leadership, the team established himself with wins in the Add astronomical events such as Salon Culinaire in Switzerland in 1999, Culinary Olympics 2000 Culinary World Cup 2002, the Culinary Olympics in 2004.

He is also since 2013 chairman of the WACS (World Association of Societies Chefs’) Culinary Competition Committee, which is responsible for the rules and the training of referees for all tournaments are organized and / or sanctioned by WACS. Tex global competitions Culinary Olympics in Germany and the Culinary World Cup in Luxembourg.

Klötzke since 2010 is the adviser to the Finnish culinary team.

Klötzke is engaged in performances, both in Sweden and abroad, with the Swedish food culture as a theme. The Swedish ingredients are always in focus and it has given many small-scale producers the opportunity to be presented to the chefs in the world. Put into practice in the form of Christmas on Fjäderholmarnas tavern since 2006 and the annual 10-week guest appearance “Smorgasbord” at Restaurant Au Premier in Zurich since 2010. Gert was also responsible for the banquet dinner by HM King Carl Gustav XVI’s 60th birthday. Along with Fredrik Eriksson, he has been since 2002 culinary advisor to the annual Nobel Banquet.

Through its strong commitment to the Swedish matarvets conservation and development of gastronomy in the world, Gert awarded a number of honors.

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Modern Gastronomy Forum with Chef Guillem Corral

Chef Guillem Corral

Born and raised in Spain, Guillem Corral, like all other chefs, is passionate about cooking. But what makes his style unique, is that chef Guillem is more interested in the science behind the mixing and mastering of ingredients, or in other words – Molecular Gastronomy.

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Tea Training with Tea Connoisseur Fabian Sideri

Tea Connoisseur Fabian Sideri

Fabian Sideri, enthusiast tea connoisseur to provide a customized experience for all special occasions and to introduce you to a noble beverage, its history and its applications in our modern, everyday life.

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Baking Techniques with Master Baker Ingo Wenseritt

Master Baker Ingo Wenseritt

MasterBaker and Baking Engineer of IREKS GMBH. Provides moral and practical support to customers and usually visits Maldives three times per year to conduct road shows.

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Cocktail/Mocktail demo with Mixologist Bob Louison

Mixologist Bob Louison

Bob Louison started bartending since the age of 18 years old to pay off his studies. From the moment he made his first cocktail he felt in love with this industry.

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