Winter Tiramisu Cream Latte

The classic Italian dessert in liquid form! You’ll be surprised by the layers of flavour in this delicious drink!

DaVinci Gourmet beverage recipes
DaVinci Gourmet Pecan Praline syrup 10 ml
DaVinci Gourmet Cheesecake sauce 10 ml
DaVinci Gourmet Flavour Maxx 5 ml
DaVinci Gourmet Bellagio Sipping Chocolate powder sprinkle
Milk 100 ml
Espresso 30 ml
Cream 50 ml
DaVinci Gourmet Maldives Supplier
  • For the cheesecake cream premix (13 servings), blend 500 ml fresh cream, 60 ml Cheesecake sauce and 60 ml Flavour Maxx at low speed for 20 seconds. Keep refrigerated and use when needed
  • Layer the beverage by adding milk, ice and espresso in sequence into a glass
  • Top up with cheesecake cream and to serve, sprinkle Bellagio Sipping Chocolate powder for a Tiramisu effect