Masterclass with Bruno Menard

Masterclass with Michelin Starred Chef Bruno Menard

Bestbuy Maldives are very pleased to share details of their latest Masterclass to the culinary professionals across the Maldives. Michelin Starred Chef Bruno Menard will once again honor our palettes with his Michelin magic on the 28th of September 2019.

Chef Menard will be demonstrating a full course meal and showcasing the incredible flavors that he can produce. In addition to the culinary demonstration, Chef Menard will conduct a Q & A session in which the audience present, will get a unique opportunity to pick his mind and explore the immense pool of Culinary Knowledge a Michelin Starred Chef has to offer.

With over 35 years of experience in the Culinary Industry, Chef Bruno Menard is renowned around the world as one of the best with 3 Michelin Stars under his belt. Over 20 years’ experience in Asia and more than 15 years in Europe and the USA, Chef Bruno now shares his experience across the world.

The Masterclass is to be held on Saturday, 28th September 2019, 10.00 am – 3.30 pm, in the Ras Malaan Ballroom at Hulhule Island Hotel, Maldives.

Hotel Asia 2019 Maldives

Hotel Asia 2019

Hotel Asia International Culinary Challenge 2019 – the countdown begins!

The Biggest & the Best Food & Hospitality Event – ‘Hotel Asia International Culinary Challenge 2019′ is scheduled to be held from the 6th – 9th of October 2019 at Dharubaaruge, Male, Maldives.

The sensational event is being organized by the Maldives Exhibition & Conference Services (Pvt) Limited. The tradeshow is the Maldives’ key hospitality event promoting the nations food, beverage, hospitality and tourism sectors and has been endorsed by three bodies, namely Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Economic Development and the Maldives National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, with Bestbuy Maldives proudly continuing their unstinted support and partnership as the main sponsor of the event since its inception.

The 2019 event is in its 15th year and is set to have over 250 companies participating from the worldwide arena and displaying over 2000 brands; as such Hotel Asia is a fantastic platform for networking and showcasing goods and services in the food, drink, foodservice, hospitality and hotel equipment industries.

As with previous years, running concurrently will be the International Culinary Challenge where Bestbuy Maldives is sponsoring a number of classes and corresponding prizes too. This prestigious competition is an excellent opportunity for industry professionals to showcase their culinary talents and services to the public.

We are pleased to invite participants for this year’s event to compete and showcase their talents/skills at the competition.

Please find attached herewith the First Announcement along with the Application Form for your kind perusal.

Registration closes on 31st of August 2019

Please note that each participant is responsible for reading out the general rules and regulations.

Looking forward to your early registration and wishing you a successful ‘Hotel Asia International Culinary Challenge 2019’

Download Application Form

Download Rules & Regulations

2018 Event Winners

BBM Chief Operating Officer

A.V.S. appointed as BBM’s new Chief Operating Officer

Bestbuy Maldives (BBM) is pleased to announce the appointment of A.V.S. Subrahmanyam as its new Chief Operating Officer (COO).

With over 25 years of experience in international business development, marketing and sales, A.V.S. has rich insights into consumers, organisations and business environments. He is widely travelled, having previously completed expat managerial assignments in Russia, Malaysia, UAE, Sri Lanka and Fiji, and is accustomed to leading business teams in multi-cultural environments serving in key managerial positions in organizations such as HJ Heinz and Britannia. A.V.S holds an MBA from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, preceded by an MA (Sociology) – both degrees from premier institutions.

“I am a Sociologist at heart – I am curious by nature and appreciate the distinctiveness of cultures and societies. The Maldives, with its distinct peoples and being a melting pot of cultures with tourist influx from all over the world – would be fascinating.”

“Tourism industry is the backbone of Maldivian economy; and BBM is the undisputed No. 1 player in this space – thru supplies to resorts. BBM is the ‘Authorised Distributor’ for many companies (including Unilever) encompassing globally reputed brands. We intend to leverage this unique and strategic position to offer a more wholesome supply portfolio to our customers.”

“We aim to be a one-stop-supplier of high-quality products to resorts. You would see an even more proactive BBM (supported by our world-class Principals) when it comes to customer service – including training and inclusion to key technical professionals of resorts. ‘Mutual growth’ would be our mantra with resort customers.”

A.V.S. Subrahmanyam

BBM Chief Operating Officer

Maldives Mixologist Bestbuy

Meet our Mixologist – Sahan Weerasinghe

Mixology is far more than a perfectly mixed drink, it’s an unpredictable journey of the senses and Bestbuy Maldives’ Sahan Weerasinghe is leading the way.

Originally from Sri Lanka, Sahan started his working life in the hospitality industry as a kitchen apprentice; he later went on to study Hospitality Management but it was when he was offered a position as a trainee bartender that his passion for mixology was ignited. A true perfectionist, Sahan was always experimenting with ingredients, flavours and techniques; constantly raising the bar and wowing his customers. He gives credit to his former manager, Chef Rohan Fernadopulle, for giving him the opportunity that changed his life and for “always guiding him ever since.”

Sahan is held in high regard as a Mixologist, having made a name for himself internationally by honing his skills at various influential trade shows and competitions. His biggest triumphant was taking home the National Bartender of the Year Award in 2018. Amongst many more wins, he says winning the ‘Most Innovative Mocktail’ in 2018 is one of the most monumental and highlighted moments of his career. As great as it is to win awards and competitions, Sahan expresses that the greatest satisfaction in his profession is seeing the infinite smile on his customer’s faces and seeing them relish the drinks he makes.

Sahan moved to the Maldives on the 1st of January 2019 and is now working as a Mixologist at Bestbuy Maldives (BBM). Mohamed Mazloom, the CEO of BBM, believes that hiring people of such expertise is essential to further diversify the company’s food and beverage brands. “We are determined to refine the culinary industry in the Maldives and always looking for room to manoeuvre by thinking divergently” he says.

Through his art and creativity, not to mention his dedication and passion for mixology, Sahan is set to help elevate the level of bartending in the Maldives.

Ravifruit Maldives

Ravifruit: Premium frozen fruits and purees

Ravifruit has been providing delightful frozen fruits and fruit purees since 1981. A highly sought after brand, Ravifruit is associated with Kerry Foods, a company that handles other famous food brands such as DaVinci Gourmet. Both DaVinci Gourmet and Ravifruit are imported and distributed in the Maldives by Bestbuy Maldives (BBM).

The man behind Ravifruit

The mastermind behind this successful brand is the French-born chef Jean François Devineau who serves as the Responsible Technique Pâtissier Glacier and Market Application Pastry Chef Manager overseeing the Ravifruit production process. His expertise as a chef is applied to every fruit preservation and puree manufacturing process, as well as demonstrating how to use Ravifruit to highly esteemed kitchen staff around the world. At a time in the fine dining world when many chefs are advocating the use of fresh produce, Ravifruit presents itself as a highly desirable option.

Why choose Ravifruit?

  • Each container is filled with IQF (Individually Quickly Frozen) fruits, it can be readily used to add flavour to mousses, creamers, desserts and beverages
  • Unlike fresh ingredients, which are seasonal, Ravifruit is consistently available regardless of the time of the year or location
  • Consistent and distinct taste makes it easier to work with when preparing various desserts and beverages. The primary ingredients for Ravifruit come from all around the world with the fruits being chosen for their distinct and unique flavours having been grown in their native environments
  • At every stage of production, Chef François and his team ensure that all activities, from harvesting and preserving to packing, follow best practices. It’s quality over quantity every time
  • All of the factory processes are approved by halal, kosher and ISO
  • Ravifruit products are packed in square tubs of one kilogram which is ideal for using in the kitchen as it is easier to store and carry

A decade for Ravifruit in Maldives

It has been over a decade since Ravifruit was first introduced to the Maldives, through its partnership with BBM. Over the years, chefs from different parts of the world have come to the Maldives, bringing their experience, culture and skills acquired throughout their careers along with their experience with Ravifruit. This has led to an increased demand for Ravifruit products.

“Infusing this to the corporate doctrine, the company facilitates a diverse range of industry training and exchange programmes for training and industry exposure to enhance this industry in line with the best in the world,” says Mohamed Mazloom, the CEO of BBM, who leads the operation at BBM with a philosophy of celebrating the best in the industry.

Chef François visits different resorts in the Maldives to conduct demonstrative workshops and share his expertise in the application of Ravifruit products. Besides marketing its products through these workshops, Ravifruit seeks to promote the culinary industry in the Maldives, as well as to promote the Maldives as a destination, for the culinary delights available in its hotels and resorts.

Find out more about Ravifruit or enquire about placing an order here:

Biryani recipe Maldives

10 tips for brilliant biryani

Making a brilliant biryani doesn’t have to be difficult. But consistently making a brilliant biryani can be a challenge. We’ve put together these great tips to ensure you can re-create a flavour-packed biryani every time.


This is the main ingredient so it has to be right. Once cooked you want soft, fluffy individual grains of rice, here’s how to achieve this:

1. Use the best quality long-grain rice you can, ideally Basmati
2. Soak the rice for at least 20 minutes before cooking to soften it
3. Rinse the rice in cold water to remove sticky starch on the surface
4. Don’t stir the rice during cooking or it will break down and become mushy
5. Always cook with the right amount of water – 1.6 litres for every 1 kg of rice works well
6. Use a rice cooker to get the best results

Spices, herbs and aromatics

Without these your biryani is going to be bland and dull, but balancing the flavours of these ingredients is no easy task, follow these tips:

7. Stick to a base of garlic, ginger, green chillies, curry leaves and rampe leaves
8. Simplify the rest of the spice preparation by using Knorr Biryani Mix to give a consistent taste and aroma every time


There’s always a risk of dry, overcooked meat when making biryani, to prevent this:

9. Marinade the meat before cooking to make it more flavoursome and tender and juicy
10. Keep the pan properly sealed whilst cooking to trap in moisture, flavours and aromas. A traditional way to do this is with a ring of dough around the top of the pan but foil around the lid works just as well.

DaVinci flavourings Maldives

Spring into Spring with DaVinci Gourmet

2019 TOP TRENDING Spring Flavours from DaVinci Gourmet

Spring is the time of year to celebrate all things new and with this comes a fresh sense of creativity and willingness to try new things. It’s also a time of year for flowers and fruit and this brings an exciting opportunity for fusion of flavours. DaVinci Gourmet’s top trending Spring flavours for 2019 embrace freshness, fruitiness and colour and are sure to be a hit with retailers and consumers alike. Think gorgeous cherry blossom, spring harvesting fruits such as Grapefruit, Strawberries, Orange, Tangerine, Lemon, Apples, Pears, with a sprinkling of sumptuous flavours including red velvet, chocolates, strawberry, caramel and marshmallows – a mixologists dream!

Those with a responsibility, not only for high-quality products but for the bottom line too, will be making a good choice when ordering and using DaVinci Gourmet products – they bring not only high end syrups and fruit mixes but their DVG FRUIT MIXES & MIXOLOGY SERIES is more aromatic and truer in flavour and taste which will boost the overall taste profile and even reduce cost and increase profits for related end products.

Spring into Spring and tantalize your guests’ taste buds with flavours that are perfect for the season.

Browse a sample of the DaVinci range available to order from Bestbuy Maldives.

Please contact us to place an order or enquire about products:

Veliche Gourmet Chocolate Maldives

5 ways to say it with chocolate on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us – what will you be offering your guests on this special day?

It’s time, not only to think about the little finishing touches but to place orders and ensure there’s enough love to go around! Here at Bestbuy Maldives we love the Belgian chocolate range by Veliche Gourmet and we’re sure your guests will too so we’ve put together a few ideas of how to say it with chocolate on Valentines Day in your resort.

5 ways to say it with chocolates

Turn down service

Surprise your guests when they return to their villa for the night with an extra special Valentine’s turndown service where a Veliche Gourmet chocolate is left on each pillow – it’s the little touches that are often most appreciated.

Champagne & chocolate Hampers

Guests may be looking for a surprise gift for their loved one and what could be better than a sumptuous hamper filled with champagne and the finest Belgian chocolates? Allow guests to purchase hampers and arrange for it to be delivered to their room – facilitating an easy gift opportunity wins every time.

Valentine’s Chocolates served with coffee

Every time coffee is ordered on this day of love, serve it with a complimentary heart-shaped chocolate to bring a guaranteed smile to your guests’ faces.

Dessert made with love

Chefs will want to woo their diners on this most romantic of evenings and by creating a dessert inspired by and incorporating chocolate they will do just that.

Complimentary gift with candlelight dinners

A candlelight dinner is the ultimate way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and this is the resorts chance to make the occasion even more special and memorable – each couple booking a candlelight dinner can be presented with a box of specially crafted chocolates to enjoy together.

Place your Veliche Gourmet order now:

Chocolate is the perfect way to celebrate this special day, if your resort would like to get into the spirit of Valentine’s celebrations using the world-renowned Veliche Gourmet Belgian Chocolates place your order with Bestbuy Maldives to ensure you have enough stock for 14th February.

Fried Food Maldives

Fry to perfection with Lamb Weston

Fry Problem Solving – best practices, tips & solutions to achieve ideal fry taste & texture

Fried food should be quick and easy to prepare but all too often the cooking process can go wrong – no one wants fries that are pale and soggy or dark and crunchy! If you are repeatedly encountering the same problem or challenge in your day-to-day frying operations chances are there’s a simple solution.

Click the link below to for some of the most common troubleshooting tips and cures from Lamb Weston and have perfectly fried food every time!

Veliche Gourmet Chocolate Maldives

Enjoy Veliche Gourmet Chocolate with a clear conscience

Chocolate lovers will fall head over heels in love with the finest Belgian chocolates by Veliche Gourmet. Not only are their creations delicious masterpieces, but they also tick all the boxes for sustainability too and what can be better than chocolate with a clear conscience?

Bestbuy Maldives is proud to distribute Veliche Gourmet, a chocolate brand with a long established heritage in producing fine quality chocolate. For artisans, chefs, hoteliers and premium chocolate lovers across the globe, they offer a delicate treat that is a feast for the senses.

From the sourcing of the best quality beans from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms to delicate handling, testing and analysing the quality, from the delicious recipes created by some of the finest artisans in the industry to the indulgently finished products, Veliche Gourmet Belgian chocolates are a treat well treated – every step of the way.

To find out more about the range of Veliche Gourmet products, or to place an order please contact us using the form below.